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Acrylic Domes

We have been producing Acrylic domes (Hemispheres) at our factory since 1994.

We have a large 3mt wide x 2mt deep x 2mt high moulding oven in which we can soften plastic ready to form into various sizes and shapes.

We have made and supplied Domes in various sizes and colours to a range of customers including:

Movie, Television and Theatre sets, Lighting, Retail, Point of Sale, Window Displays, Exhibitions and Promotions, The Sign Industry, The Gaming Industry, Architectural, Engineering, Marine, Museums and Galleries, Universities, Colleges and Schools, to name a few.We also stock 20 standard sizes in clear acrylic ready for despatch.

Please contact us for more information.

We also stock over 170 different size blowing rings for other shapes and wierd and wonderful diameters.

Pans, dishes and ovals are our speciality.

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